EM Navigation

A quick demo of Dura, the core application behind WholeSlide Open. We’re quickly working towards a v1.0

Open Viewer With EM annotation alpha from Rich Stoner on Vimeo.

What can it do now? (build ~#4000)

  • View high resolution image sets from Brainmaps.org (uses boring 2D viewer, 3d in progress)
  • Link with Dropbox (sandboxed currently, needs appstore submission before this will work)
  • Connect to Knossos (EM) image services (experimental, issues with VRAM and opengl es 2)
  • Connect to OpenConnectome (EM) servers (experimental, issues with VRAM and opengl es 2)
  • Open converted EyeWire neuron meshes (experimental, issues with VRAM and opengl es 2)

What will it do in the future?

  • Connect to Aperio image servers
  • Contain most of the image resources available in the original WholeSlide app.
  • Connect to MicroBrightField’s Biolucida Server.
  • Connect to data stored on remote hard drives
  • View and create annotations on high resolution images
  • View stacks of high resolution images in 3D
  • Visualize skeletonized annotations for EM
  • Visualize volume annotations for EM
  • Include data sources beyond neuroscience (dermatology, radiology)
  • Integrate a searchable backend
  • Create courses and link content together